Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Worksheets

Last week, I made each student a packet of Thanksgiving worksheets at their level so we could work on some Thanksgiving vocabulary and concepts.  My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE working on their thematic packets!  We work on them during small groups (teacher time) or during our morning group time.

First off, we read a one-page explanation of Thanksgiving from News-2-You and complete a comprehension worksheet.  (This is an old one and has the wrong I had to white it out and switch it).

These worksheets have to do with naming brown things (we do a different color every month and I try and relate it to the holidays as much as possible...I guess I chose brown for Thanksgiving because of the brown leaves and turkey...haha).  We worked on this first worksheet for 15 minutes last week.  We worked in small groups and took turns talking about each item (the worksheet was photo copied, so students couldn't see the colors).  Each student would have to name their item and then answer the question "Is a ____ brown?" If it was brown we circled it...if it was not brown, we put an X through it.  Students really loved putting X's and circles on each item.  We made game show sounds like "ding ding ding" when things were brown and a buzzer sound for things that weren't brown.

This next worksheet, we are going to complete this week, so I can see if my students can recall some brown items from memory based on the activity we did last week.

We took turns reading these Thanksgiving vocabulary words, then practiced writing them in our neat hand writing.

This worksheet is from  They have a lot of great Thanksgiving activity ideas as well.  The bad news.... you need a subscription..  The good's only $20 for a year.  I bought the subscription for one year and printed out all the materials I wanted.  Although, now I am thinking about joining again because they have more materials I want!

This activity is a fun one.  Kids have to cut out the food names and glue them above the correct food picture.  This is great preparation as we cook and eat all of these foods at our Thanksgiving party!

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