Friday, November 23, 2012

Short Vowel Spelling Activity

So yesterday, I gave a detailed explanation of the Bear Spelling Assessment.  Once I figure out which area of spelling my students need to work on, I create spelling lists, have students complete word sorts, and create fun hands-on activities/games for them to play.
Currently,  I have a few students working at each level (initial/final sounds,  blends/digraphs, long vowel patterns, and short vowel patterns).  Having students at each level is always a challenge, but a variety of my activities can be adapted to fit all learning levels.  

The activity I am sharing today is currently being used for short vowels, but I am thinking about creating this for some of my other spelling levels as well. 

How it works...students slide the two pink strips up and down to create words with the given vowel.   I store these in Gallon size Zip-Loc bags.  

As students are working, they write down 10 words they create on a piece of paper. 

How to make them...Ok, these weren't the easiest to make, but they turned our super durable and have held up really great for over a year.  First, I made the strips (2 vertical consonant strips and 1 horizontal vowel strip) on boardmaker.  Then I laminated all the strips.  Lastly, I used a razor to cut two slits on each end of the vowel strip for the consonant strips to slide through.  I guess that doesn't sound too hard...just using the razor was a little tricky!

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