Monday, July 18, 2016

10 Task boxes for Under $15: Target Dollar Spot Finds

Ok you besides the dollar tree, binders, laminating, data, and preventing problem other love is THE TARGET DOLLAR SPOT!  I had found some awesome materials that would be great to make task boxes or use for direct instruction back in January and now they are back...and they added even more!

Although I was overwhelmed with seeing the back to school section in the seasonal area of my local target,  I was thrilled with my dollar spot finds.

This memory game would be an awesome for teaching turn taking/waiting or could be turned into a velcro matching activity in an independent task box.

I love these number sequencing could trace the puzzle on cardboard and put velcro in each rectangle on the cardboard as well as on the back of each puzzle pieces and voila...independent work task!

These money, time, alphabet, and sequencing puzzles would be great to just throw in an empty task box as is.  You could also make a file folder activity with them.

 Now for the items I couldn't resist purchasing...I love these clothespin activities for task boxes.   My favorites where the ones for initial letters, numbers, shapes and rhyming.  The only issue I had with these items was that each product only came with 1 clothespin for all of the cards.  Not that this problem is that big, because I can just run over to The Dollar Tree and buy a pack of extra clothespins for $1 :-).  And not to sound repetitive, but literally just throw these in a task box and you are good to go.

 Here are some of my purchases once I got home and opened them up to examine them more closely!

These products could make 10 new task boxes for your room for under $15.  Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.  Any other good back to school purchases you guys have found?  Any go to stores for creating task boxes?

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