Thursday, January 8, 2015

Belated Holiday Craft Ideas

Happy Holidays (a couple weeks late!!)  Well, even though the holidays are over, I though I would share these cute crafts we did this December.  If you like them, you can always put them on your to-do list for next year :-)

One of my staff members wrote out happy holidays and then had the kids use their finger prints to create christmas lights.  We hung this sign outside of our Pod (we do not call it a "classroom" in the clinical setting). 

We also made these cute snowmen!  The kids mixed together glue and shaving cream and used their fingers to make snowmen.  Then they used buttons, glitter, and construction paper to decorate.  Simple craft that turned out very cute!

We had more crafts too that I didn't get pictures of, so I stole some from Pinterest.

We made Santa's beard out of cotton balls similar to this.  This picture is courtesy of A Little Learning for Two.

We also make Rudolph Hats similar to this.  Photo courtesy of Discover Explore Learn

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  1. my philosophy is it's better late than never!
    pinned activities for next year
    never seen the fingerprint lights before; it's a keeper
    thanks :-)