Friday, June 6, 2014

On the fly scavenger hunt!

Is it a beautiful day outside?  Are you and your students tired of being cooped up inside and antsy to get up and get moving?  This is how we were feeling last week, so we decided on creating an impromptu, outdoor scavenger hunt.  We had the kids brainstorm things we would be able to find outside that could fit inside a ziploc bag (and yes, we got some kids who said “cars” and “houses” haha).  We also had them come up with “how many” we needed to find (using numbers 1-5).  We quickly wrote these lists out on each bag and headed outside.  The kids quickly ran around the playground collecting flowers (dandelions), grass, leaves, sticks, and garbage to put in their bags.  I wish we would have added more things to the list, because our kids were super speedy!  

Once they all completed the scavenger hunt, we still had some time left, so we decided to do some outdoor exercises.  Each kid took a turn coming up with an exercise and had to specify a number of how many times to do the exercise.  They were responsible for telling their peers as well (i.e. “Do 5 push-ups!.”).  The kids had a blast doing the exercises and being in charge of their peers!  Once we took a couple turns with this, it was time to head back inside to move onto our next activity :-(.  

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