Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grocery Shopping Visuals and Strategies

 We take our students to the grocery store for community based instruction throughout the school year.  I created this grocery list for my classroom, but also send it home for parents to use.  

To make:  Laminate and use dry erase markers to write in items you need (you can also velcro pictures of items)

To use:  Have students check off the box using a dry erase marker when they find each item in the grocery store.

CLICK HERE to get a blank grocery list, pictures of common grocery foods, and a sample grocery list.

How to handle behavior in the grocery store:  To make grocery shopping more motivating for students who struggle to go out into the community, I usually recommend to put one food item they love (chips, cookies, etc.) on the list.  Then, as soon as they finish shopping, let them eat their item (so the reinforcement is more immediate than waiting until they get home!).  It is important to remember not to continue in this manner.  Once a child is more comfortable in the community and their behavior is in check, then you can slowly delay the reinforcer a little more each time you go shopping (offer it as soon as you get in the car/bus, then offer it when you are half way home, then offer it before you get out of the car/bus at home, then offer it as soon as you get in the house).  This way, you are slowly shaping the child's behavior to be more appropriate (most people don't eat their groceries in the store, they wait until they get home).

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