Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Best of Autism Tank: Most Read

This week's blog posts are going to be a part of a BEST OF mini series...I am in the process of moving this week so don't have a ton of time to come up with lots of engaging and interesting material, so I figured I'd provide you with some refreshers of my most popular posts...plus I love data...so figuring out which posts have been most popular with my readers and followers has been kind of fun for me (nerd alert!).

We will cover:
2) Most pinned post on Pinterest
3) Most liked post on Facebook
4) Blog post with the most comments

Today's post is the most read post on my blog.  I was shocked to see that my short, simple review of this product I love is the most popular post...but it is!  I think Lakeshore should be sending me thank you gifts with lots of goodies!

I found this activity on Lakeshore Learning and got it as part of a donorschoose grant.  It is an awesome, hands-on way to work on prepositions (which so many of my students struggle with).  I also like the visual cards that come with it to help my students understand the directions.
It comes with 4 different sets of props to use.  Each set has 6 cards covering different prepositions.  On the back is a picture of the correct answer.

I like to use these to assess preposition skills as well as to work on practicing them.  This is a great activity for paraprofessionals to be in charge of as well.  It is simple and provides so much visual support, that very little prompting is needed.

 Sometimes, to test generalization skills, I will instruct students to take the object and place it somewhere in the classroom "under Johnny's chair,"  "behind the computer," etc.  Today, we practiced with an M&M...their favorite direction to follow was "put the M&M IN your mouth."


  1. Simple but very effective - I like this too! Hope your move goes smoothly :-)
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  2. Thank you for sharing this activity! I work at a low income school. I always hear educators talk about students with special needs or English Learners needing specialized help, BUT, the majority of our students seem to lack basic language. Speaking in sentences is so difficult for them to learn, let alone write! I am going to get this the next time I'm at Lakeshore!