Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Best of Autism Tank: Most Pinned

This week's blog posts are going to be a part of a BEST OF mini series...I am in the process of moving this week so don't have a ton of time to come up with lots of engaging and interesting material, so I figured I'd provide you with some refreshers of my most popular I love figuring out which posts have been most popular with my readers and followers has been kind of fun for me (nerd alert!).

We will cover:
1) Most read post on the blog
3) Most liked post on Facebook
4) Blog post with the most comments

The most Pinned Blog Post on Pinterest was my post about visual necklaces.  I still use these in my classroom to provide non-verbal prompts since my kids respond so much better to pictures than words!

In the past, I have used a visual necklace to help my students with autism understand what is being requested of them as well as to help minimize the talking from adults in the classroom.  Some of the regular education teachers have even started using some of these visuals in the hallways with their classes so they don't have to constantly shout their rules/expectations.  

After several years with the same students, we were able to stop using these and rely on more verbal requests and directions.  However, now that all of those students have graduated and I have a whole new slew of students, we are going back to the necklaces.  I just can't handle hearing adults repeat the same direction 10 times to a student (which they obviously don't understand).  Also, with such a large class size this year, the talking has multiplied!!   So back to the necklaces we go...these really do work wonders and it makes you realize how much some of your lower functioning students can understand when the directions are given to them in visual form.

UPDATE:  These are now available on my TPT here to be re-directed to this product.

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