Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer School Set-Up

Just about 1 week left of real school...then off to summer school we go!  This year, we aren't staying at our current school.  I am used to working summer school in my actual classroom, so I usually don't have to change or plan very much.  This year, we are going to a new school in the neighborhood, so I actually have to plan pretty much every thing, since I won't have access to my classroom once we start.

In order to figure out what I needed to pack, I started by making a loose schedule for my kiddos.  Basically, we do our normal morning group all together (calendar, weather, journal, social time, etc.)

Then, I went through my Pinterest boards to figure out what fun activities/crafts we could do during "Teacher Time" (which is my time with the kids).  Some of the activities I came up with were:

Following a recipe and cooking once a week things such as dirt cups, kool aid, trail mix, frozen smores, and ants on a log.  

Some fun math games that involve dice.  I made some differentiated dice worksheets....

And found some fun games at this site from Pinterest.

We will also be doing an art project once a week like these pipe cleaner fireworks.

...or this expand an image art project.

And of course activities with bubbles such as these "snake bubbles" and "bubble painting."

I laid out all my activities on a nice calendar and made a list of all the items I needed to collect/photo copy from around my classroom.

Then, I started gathering all my items.  I stored them all in milk crates from the cafeteria.  These will be easy to transport, and they will make for nice storage in my summer school classroom!


  1. Great planning Hailey. I have enjoyed following your blog. Thanks for sharing your summer school ideas. The new activities sound like a lot of fun. Enjoy your summer, Heather

  2. thanks for sharing your planning and organization tips! I think I make it too hard sometimes! Hope your summer is going well, Paula