Friday, June 23, 2017

Ice Cream Unit for ESY, Summer School, or Home

As a special education teacher, I am always looking for ways to make learning more motivating for my students. My students LOVE ice cream. I mean, they really really LOVE it. So, why not introduce matching skills, teach shapes, counting, writing, and graphing all about ice cream!  This can make a great mini-unit to use during ESY or summer school as well to help maintain skills in an engaging way.  Another idea would be to send this home as "homework" over the summer and have parents use these worksheets and activities with their children.
This mini-unit includes 9 worksheets that all have to do with ice cream!  Photo copy, laminate or just throw the worksheets in sheet protector sleeves to save some time!  You can even keep these in a binder and use during the school year at an independent work station for review.

Worksheets include a vocabulary writing worksheet

a vocabulary velcro or cut/glue matching activity

4 matching worksheets to work on shapes, colors, and counting

1 survey about favorite ice cream flavors to promote social skills and a graphing worksheet to record results of the survey

1 comprehension worksheet for a field trip to buy ice cream (we usually just walked to a corner store nearby, but you could do a pretend store in your classroom and have kids practice choosing, ordering and paying as well).

You can find this packet of resources in my TPT store here.  What other engaging topics/units are you doing in ESY or summer school?

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