Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Currently: March!

I am so happy it is finally March!  Spring is almost here (fingers crossed...currently there is a snow storm blowing around outside my windows!).  So what better way than to celebrate a new month than with Farley's Currently Linky Party.  Click here to join in!  

Listening:  While I am finishing up my grad school homework (and now my blogging...) my fiancee is sitting in the living room watching some Boardwalk Empire.  I keep getting distracted!  Would much rather be snuggling in my favorite blanket on the couch than doing homework!

Loving:  Speaking of homework...after almost 3 years of grad school, I am almost done.  I am in my last semester of grad school for ABA (applied behavior analysis).  Although I love my program, enough is enough and I am ready to be done!

Thinking:  I leave for my destination wedding this month and I CANT WAIT!!  Not only will I be marrying my best friend, but I will be doing it on a tropical vacation with so many fabulous friends and family members in attendance!

Wanting:  I think I mentioned this before, but I have had a ton of IEPs this month (and two today!).  Only 3 more after today and I am done for the year!

Needing:  I think we all need a little Spring Break TLC about now!

Like, Love, Hate:  I think these are supposed to start with the first letter of my name, "H."  I  guess I "like" hearts.  I know I "love" being in good health.  Being sick is the absolute worst!  And of course, I "love" happiness!  I "hate" people who hate others for being different, being hurt or seeing others hurt, and hiccups (aren't they so annoying?!).  

Well that's it for this month's currently.  Hope you all have a great March!


  1. Happy Spring! Although it is very cold here in Alabama today. But, in a couple of days it is going to be in the '70's. Just hope we all don't get sick from the drastic temperature change. I love your blog. My daughter's sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, supports Autism as their philanthropy project so I have been to several events they have sponsored. My favorite is when they "light it up blue" on campus and have a building bathed in blue light for the week. Your destination wedding sounds amazing - I wish you congratulations and all the best - enjoy your tropical vacation. I am so jealous!!

  2. Congratulations on finishing up grad school! That's a huge accomplishment! And enjoy every minute of your wedding trip! I'm going to dig a little deeper into your blog--I have one autistic kiddo this year and another than I feel pretty strongly that has autistic tendencies with no diagnosis yet.

  3. That's so exciting that you have your destination wedding up soon. I got married last June to my best friend and wanted to do a destination wedding myself. But we had a small wedding at a B and B here in my hometown. Anyway, congrats and good luck with everything going on.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Klass