Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School Shopping!

Back to school shopping isn't just for kids, we teachers like to capitalize on all the deals out there too!  Here are my latest pick ups for the upcoming school year.

Fuzzy fingers from THE CONTAINER STORE.  Awesome for cleaning off iPods, iPads, computer screens, and keyboards!  Cheap too ($2.99)

 Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack from IKEA ($14.99).  I am going to mount this near my door/coat room for students to turn in homework folders and important papers/notes from parents.  I am big on promoting independence and teach as many of my students as possible to empty their own backpacks each day.

Phonics Readers from COSTCO.  25 books where each one addresses a different short/long vowel sound, blend, digraph, etc. I forget how much I paid (thinking around $20?), but it was definitely a deal.  It comes with a workbook as well!

The rest are from TARGET (my home away from home!)  Most items were from the dollar spot (nothing more than $3 in the whole section!

 I always need more pocket charts and these cool wipe off pocket folders!

 Self Inking Stamps.  My students love putting these on their assignments...and their hands!

 Some new containers for sorting tasks.        And an Angry Birds color by number....I couldn't resist!

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